There’s gonna be some changes ’round here

It’s been a while. A lot’s changed since our last post, and a lot more’s gonna change with our next. Despite the inactivity for the last few years, we kept renewing the domain and figured we should probably get back to using it.

Unfortunately, as is often the case with life, it’s not always easy to keep up with the things you love. We haven’t been able to make as much time as we’d like for playing games, watching movies, and sitting down to talk and write about them. The love’s still there, though, and I’m sure we all hope for a time that we can get back together and make a habit of it again. Until then, since the invoices for renewal keep coming for this domain, we figured we might be able to make some use of it in another way.

Going forward, the PowerUp blog is going to be a hub of IT musings. We’ll be sharing some of our tech tips, stories of triumph over computer & network issues, and learn-with-us tutorials. We’ll cover a wide range of topics including Citrix, PowerShell, programming languages, VMware, Veeam, and beyond. We won’t make any promises on how frequently we post, but we’ll sure try to make them worth your while. Until then, if you’d like to follow along, you should download and install Visual Studio Code and the PowerShell and C# extensions. Visual Studio Community Edition wouldn’t hurt, either, if you’re planning on joining in on our learn-with-us programming tutorials.

This change in direction isn’t to say that we’ll never share our thoughts on games or movies or anything else fun like that – all of the old content will still be available, too – but entertainment won’t be a focus for for the majority of our future content.



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