PowerUP Scoring System

PowerUP reviews use a non-standard, 3-point scoring system.  When updating our review scoring standards, we looked at other sites that use 5, 10, and 100 point systems and determined (with the help of aggregators like Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic) that most scoring systems, despite their wide range of numbers, often settle on 3 different scoring tiers:  Good, Mediocre, and Bad.  We took that convention to heart when deciding on a new scoring system.  We felt that the our 3-point system is best approach to giving an all-encompassing breakdown of what makes an entertainment piece good or bad without relying on nitpicking to determine a specific level of good or bad.  If something is worth playing, reading, or watching, then that’s what we want to convey with our score.

1 / 3 – Bad – This is the lowest form of entertainment.  Little to no redeeming qualities and an absolute waste of time and money.

2 / 3 – Meh – Some entertainment to be had but, ultimately, an unrefined mess.  Probably worth a rental, but don’t go in expecting too much.

3 / 3 – Good – Something that stands out as a quality piece of work in its medium.  While it may not be a Shakespearean masterpiece, what it does, it does well.  Whether that something is making a powerful statement, or just being downright fun, anything with a 3 / 3 rating is definitely worth a look.