Vikings Season 2 has a new teaser

The History Channel, now just History, has really gone down hill in the past decade or so, in my humble opinion.  Sure, there’s still some good stuff on there that I’ll go out of my way to watch, Ancient Aliens being one such show, but it’s less to do with history and more to do with bad reality television (and you can dispute Ancient Aliens’ historical accuracies, but it actually has history in it with some very interesting theories and perspectives).  That said, the other show I’ll go out of my way to watch on the channel formerly known for its great historical documentaries is Vikings.  Now, it’s not a documentary, but this drama series is historical in nature and just genuinely awesome.  If you haven’t watched it yet, I highly recommend it (seriously, it’s much more worth your time than watching poor bastards being screwed over in a pawn shop because they’ve never heard of eBay or craigslist).


Introducing Duskland: The Webseries

I know my activity on here has been sparse lately, and it’s truly regrettable, but I’ve been actively working on a couple new projects – one of which I’m ready to unveil today.  Some time ago, I started writing a collection of short stories thematically inspired by The Twilight Zone and dubbed this collection of stories Duskland.  While I’ve only published two tales under the Duskland banner (Freefall and The Tale of Another Job), I’m always brainstorming new ideas for when I have the time to commit them to paper.  Despite only publishing two Duskland tales, it’s something that is always on my mind and something that I’m always looking to expand.  It is for these reasons that I’m excited to announce a web series based on my Duskland tales.  The first episode will be an adaptation of The Tale of Another Job – which is available for reading and download from the Duskland blog – and production is already underway.  The web series will be produced in cooperation with Unity Films with future episodes being original stories crafted specifically for film.

Job Promo Poster 1

Telltale announces Game of Thrones

The announcement trailer did little than promise a new adventure from Telltale set in Westeros, but the announcement has come.  Telltale Games has announced a videogame based on the HBO television series Game of Thrones.

Batman prequel series heading to TV


Fox has secured a deal for a prequel television series centered on a younger James Gordon.  Gordon, who goes on to become Gotham’s commissioner and Batman’s ally, served as a detective in Gotham’s police force before working his way to the top of a corrupt justice system in a decaying city.  The television series will focus on his time as a detective and is said to include some of the iconic villains from the Batman universe, however it will not feature the Caped Crusader himself (though this doesn’t mean that one Bruce Wayne won’t make an appearance in the show in one form or another).

The show is being produced by creator of The Mentalist Bruno Heller with a full series order from Fox.  No word yet on casting or when the show is set to premiere, but we do have a title:  Gotham.

Mortal Kombat: Legacy season 2 trailer

The second season of the fantastic webseries based on the ultraviolent videogame series is nearly upon us – being posted online all at once on September 26.  In preparation for this continuation of the reimagining of the Netherrealm fighting tournament, I present this trailer:

Breaking Bad prequel series in the works


With the end of one of television’s best drama’s in sight, Breaking Bad‘s creator, Vince Gilligan, and co-conceiver of beloved character Saul Goodman, Peter Gould, are working on a spin-off of AMC’s Breaking Bad.  Set before the events of Walter White’s journey into cooking meth, the new series, currently titled Better Call Saul, will focus on Saul Goodman and have a lighter tone than its soon-to-end counterpart.  Bob Odenkirk will reprise his role as Saul Goodman in the hour-format series.  There’s currently no set date for a series premiere, but given the success of Breaking Bad, it’s likely we’ll be seeing this show sooner rather than later.  Better Call Saul has been, expectedly, licensed to AMC.

Sherlock: Series 3 Teaser now online

BBC’s excellent reimagining of Sherlock Holmes finally has a teaser for the next series!  Still no date for when the show will be back, but it’s expected to return this fall.

Quantum Break box art

Remedy Entertainment posted the official box art for their upcoming Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break.  The game will be an innovative new IP that blends gaming and television with the television show in the works supposedly being tailored to the way gamers play the game.


Harmon returning to Community?


Series creator and former show runner Dan Harmon has reportedly been asked to return to Community for its fifth season.  The show was renewed for a 13-episode fifth season earlier this month.  Harmon jokingly stated that he would only return if Chevy Chase, who left the show in the fourth season, also came back.  The two had a notorious falling out.

As a fan of the show, this is welcome news and I certainly hope that something is worked out.  I never finished the fourth season as I felt the first few episodes lacked the heart and wit of the first three seasons–with the humor often feeling “forced,” in my opinion.  I’ll likely get around to it before the fifth season premiers, but what I saw of the last semester at Greendale left a lot to be desired.


Source:  IGN