Neverwinter Open Beta Live

Neverwinter Logo

After several weeks of on-again-off-again weekend beta tests, Neverwinter is now officially in open beta.  Players can download the game client for free from the game’s website and join the armies of eager gamers in the action-oriented MMO world.  Players accessing the beta will have unrestricted access to the game’s content including the ability to reach the level cap of 60, complete access to the game world ” past The Chasm including Mount Hotenow for only the bravest and most experienced adventurers,” and access to user-created content in The Foundry.

It is worth noting that there is no planned character wipe now that the game is in open beta and all characters and items will be carried over into the game’s official release.


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2 thoughts on “Neverwinter Open Beta Live

  1. So just to confirm, the characters and items will be carried over the official game? It’s just I dont want to waste my time with the beta and get to lvl 60 and then have to start from scratch again! It’s frustrating to hear the PC version accounts are NOT being moved across, so they have to at least keep the characters and items on the beta for the actual game. If you could respond that would be great.

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