Iron Man 3 Review

Hello there true believers!

It’s the one and only Tyler with his first article on PowerUp Online!

Phase 2 of Marvel’s “Cinematic Universe” series started off this weekend with Iron Man 3. This was the first marvel movie since the record-breaking smash at the box office The Avengers. With that in mind, did Iron Man 3 bottle the same lightning that The Avengers did?

This was the first time that Shane Black (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) was sitting in the director’s chair instead of Jon Favreau. To say that the stakes were high for Black is an understatement. He was directing an Iron Man film, coming off the tails of The Avengers. Black did a great job of directing. The scene that you see in the commercial countless times of all of the iron man suits fighting together was amazing.

I wouldn’t say it was Black’s problem of why I felt sour about this film. You’ve all been hearing all about the controversial twist. Some of you saw it and some have only read it. To put this twist into terms that everyone can understand, remember when you found out that Santa wasn’t real? I felt like I was slapped in the face with how they did the plot twist. It felt as if you should believe some things are just too way out of left field to believe. Now, I’m sorry but with in the same universe that you have Viking gods come from the sky, a man that can turn into a huge green monster and a super solider that fought in World War II was frozen in time, you can pull off anything and everything.

I felt that Iron Man 3 wanted to be more serious than it’s past movies. It wanted to take more a real life approach to how Tony Stark would handle his life after everything that happened. I could nitpick on other little things, but that would just make me another keyboard warrior complaining that the movie wasn’t as great as the source material.

I don’t want to count out that this next phase will be lackluster but there has to be some reality. With how the next Thor movie looks and Captain America’s next movie is being written, they want to give more of a challenge to the heroes and show there mortal side. Take in Iron Man 3 as what it is, an action packed movie with twists and turns. We can all bash it till it’s in crumbs, but we are getting something that wasn’t even doable 10, even 20 years ago. We’ve come out of the dark ages of nipples on bat suits. We are in the golden age of comic book movies. When I left the theater after watching the flick, I had harsh rating to it. I had to realize that, I’m spoiled right now. I just saw a third Iron Man film. I never thought I’d see good ol’ shellhead on the big screen and it was only in my dreams that I would see an Avengers film.

I give Iron Man 3, 4/5 stars.


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