Xbox One installs as you play

With games being stored on blu ray discs, Microsoft’s Xbox One will require games to be installed on a hard drive; it hasn’t been specified if this is a requirement for all games.  With this inconvenience, it’s nice to know that you will be able to play games as they install–a feature that had been previously announced for the PS4’s mandatory installs.  For current-gen systems, if you choose to install a game, you have to wait for the process to complete before you can resume any other tasks.  While game installs on the Xbox 360 are done at the gamer’s discretion (perhaps to alleviate stress on the disc drive or reduce load times), game installs on the PS3 are often mandatory and an inconvenience for gamers to have to wait to play their games.  It’s nice to see both console manufacturers embracing a more immediate approach to allowing you to play your games as they install.


Source:  Joystiq


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