Super Mario Bros. Movie gets a webcomic sequel

It’s been twenty years since the critically panned and commercial bomb Super Mario Bros. hit cinemas, and it’s been twenty years since that cliffhanger ending has gone unresolved.  Now, after the film’s twentieth anniversary celebration, comes the exciting news that the story continues in a webcomic with a story by Parker Bennet, one of the writers responsible for the film.

While it might not have been the best movie ever, with many fans of the game complaining about, amongst other things, its radical departure from the source material.  It’s been a long, long time since I’ve watched the movie but, as dumb as it is, I’ve always found some enjoyment out of it.  I’ll not defend it in any way, but I do like it when an adaptation takes creative liberties with a property because I usually don’t want to experience a rehash of something that already exists.  With that said, if you enjoyed the reptilian cyberpunk take on the Marioverse, check out the webcomic sequel.


Source:  Destructoid


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