EA eliminating existing online passes

ea-logoElectronic Arts recently announced that their future games will no longer incorporate the much loathed online pass.  It seems now that existing online passes are available to gamers for free.  Going through their past library of games, EA is allowing existing gamers who purchased the games used or are borrowing them from friends to get into the online action at no additional cost.  This discount is currently only available on Xbox 360 but will be heading to other systems shortly.  Additionally, it’s worth noting that American McGee’s Alice download for Madness Returns is also available at no cost.  EA released a statement regarding this move:

As we discontinue Online Pass for our new EA titles, we are also in the process of eliminating it from all our existing EA titles as well.  We heard the feedback from players and decided to do away with Online Pass altogether.

Players will see it first with some EA Sports titles, where a prompt to enter an Online Pass code will no longer appear in-game; with other titles we are simply making Online Passes available free of charge online.

These are rolling updates that are taking effect over the next several weeks. We hope players continue to enjoy our games and online services for a long time to come.


Source:  GameInformer

American McGee Considering Alice 3?

American McGee, creator of the twisted Alice games inspired by the works of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland tales, may be looking into developing a third game in the franchise.  Posting on his Facebook a picture featuring a caption that asks fans if they would be interested in said game if he could get the rights from EA and if they would help fund the game on Kickstarter.  As a fan of American McGee’s Alice Madness Returns, finding it to be one of the best games of 2011, I’m hoping that this is something that is followed up on and made a reality.


Source:  Facebook