Video Games: The Movie offers insider views on videogame violence

For several years, videogames have been the subject of heated debates on whether they cause or influence people to perform criminal or violent acts.  Every time, it seems, that there is a tragedy, the finger pointing begins with the gaming industry often on the other end of those blame-casting fingers.  Now, it seems, veterans of the gaming industry are ready to take on these misconceptions in a film of their own:  Video Games: The Movie.

Featuring several high-profile developers, Video Games: The Movie will give viewers some solid information about violence and videogames and the effect it can have on people without rampant speculation and finger pointing.  It’ll be nice to see the people who put together the games we all enjoy defend the medium.

Video Games: The Movie is scheduled for release this September.


Source:  IGN


Rare bringing “classic IP” to E3

It’s been a while since we gamers have seen anything worthwhile from Rare.  While fans of the developer can protest that they haven’t released anything good since Microsoft acquired the studio, I would have to respectfully disagree.  Their Viva Pinata games were charming yet deep sims that were easily accessible and family friendly but required a great deal of patience and dedication to master.  Nuts & Bolts may not have been a traditional Banjo-Kazooie game, but it was still a welcome addition to the Xbox library.  However, the developer has been busy working on games for Kinect and the Avatar marketplace over the past several years and gamers have pretty much written off the studio.

However, Microsoft is promising great things from Rare at this years E3 with a return of a classic IP.  Many are speculating that we will see a return of Killer Instinct for Xbox One since Microsoft renewed the trademark and fighters are returning to prominence in the gaming industry.  Whether or not it is KI3 is still speculation, but Rare has several properties I’m sure many of us would like to see make a comeback.


Source:  GameSpot