Grasshopper Manufacture Acquired by GungHo Online Entertainment

Goichi Suda’s (Suda51) game development studio Grasshopper Manufacture has been acquired by Japanese game publisher GungHo Online Entertainment (GOE).  Grasshopper Manufacture is known for the No More Heroes franchise, Killer 7and Shadows of the Damned among others.  Their most recent retail release was 2012’s Lollipop Chainsaw.  Grasshopper is currently developing Killer is Dead for release in Japan this year with Xseed Games rumored to be localizing the game for American audiences.  GOE’s acquisition of Grasshopper will not affect the development of titles currently being made by Grasshopper with the official press release stating:  “Titles already in development at the studio before the acquisition will not be affected by the deal and will continue under their current publishing terms.”


Source:  Kotaku