Halo Reclaimer Trilogy is now a “saga”


Halo 4 was originally announced as the beginning of the Reclaimer Trilogy by 343 Industries, but that idea has apparently been expanded to a “saga.”  The next entry in the Halo franchise was recently announced at this year’s E3 featuring a cloaked figure in a wasteland–with the cloaked figure being revealed as, gasp, Master Chief.  343 has specified that this is the next “legitimate” entry in the franchise and is expected for Xbox One in 2014.

With the expansion of the trilogy into a saga, it makes me wonder if we should expect to see more numbered entries in the franchise set in the current story arc or if we’ll be given a few spin-offs between the numbered entries.  Personally, I’d love to see the brand expand beyond the FPS genre in the future.  I loved Halo Wars and would love to see another Halo RTS.  A controller-based RTS game with SmartGlass and Kinect enhanced features would be phenomenal, I think.

The Haloverse is a wonderful place just begging to be expanded in other genres–especially ones more welcoming to more robust storytelling–so I’d really like to see it step back out of its comfort zone and explore new gaming territories.  Whatever 343 has planned for the future of the franchise, I’m sure it’s exciting.


Source:  GameSpot

Halo Bootcamp confirmed


A leak on the Korean Ratings Board has suggested that Halo Bootcamp is in the works.  Microsoft followed up this leak confirming the project’s existence.  They’ve stated that Bootcamp is not related to the the Xbox One or the Reclaimer Trilogy (which began with Halo 4). The description states that Bootcamp is a third-person shooter set within the Haloverse with a specific mention of Halo 3 and PC/online gaming.  It’s likely that we will hear more on Bootcamp at E3 in just two weeks.


Sources:  Joystiq, GameSpot, EGMNOW