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I want to apologize for that posting break.  It was undesirably long but entirely necessary.  I’ve been working on getting some things in my personal life straightened out (mainly living and financial stuffs), so I’ve been away and unavailable for the past two weeks.  I’m slowly but surely getting things in order, so hopefully there won’t be as many long pauses between updates and I’ll be able to get all the latest and greatest entertainment news up for you to view.  I really do appreciate all of my readers and their support, so stick around and I’ll try my best not to disappoint you!


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Microsoft Apologizes for Years of Horrible Web Browsers

Internet Explorer (IE) has long been looked upon as the punchline of a bad joke in the world of web browsers.  It’s slow, clunky, and an all around pain to work with.  Nobody who knows better willingly subjects themselves to using IE, right?

Well, Microsoft is aware of the status of Windows’ default browser and is trying to win back users with the IE’s latest iteration.  IE 10 is apparently faster than the competition (beating out Chrome and Firefox, according to PC Mag) and has been well received since its release.  There’s one major problem with it, though:  it’s Internet Explorer.

Users feel compelled to stay away from Microsoft’s browser due to it being nearly unusable in past iterations–Microsoft wants these users to rethink their predispositions.  Apologizing for years of subjecting Windows users to terrible browsers, Microsoft offered the world this charming advertisement that ends with letting us all know that just as we all have grown up, so has IE:

While I am comfortable using Chrome, I may give IE 10 a look in the future to see how the browser has improved over the years.  It’s highly unlikely that it will replace Chrome as my default browser, but I’m willing to give it a chance to impress me.