Microsoft may make Games with Gold permanent


Currently, Microsoft’s Games with Gold promotion is only set to run through the rest of this year.  However, according to Major Nelson, that is subject to change depending on audience reaction.  Given that people like free things, even when there might be some disappointment there, I’m sure it will be a resounding success throughout the gaming community.

Microsoft first announced its Games with Gold promotion at this year’s E3 by promising gamers with an Xbox Live Gold subscription two free games every month throughout the remainder of the year.  The first two games to be announced were Assassin’s Creed II and Halo 3.  There was some expressions of disappointment with the two free games, given that they’re already several years old and most anybody that wants to play them already has them (and, c’mon, pretty much everybody has a copy of Halo 3 by now), but they’re free.

The major benefit of this promotion, besides the two free games thing, is that the games will be yours to keep.  Unlike Sony’s free games for PSN+ subscribers, games made available for free on Games with Gold will not expire even if you cancel your Gold subscription.  While I’d certainly like to see something newer than what Microsoft has shown so far (or at least something I haven’t played yet), I’m not going to complain about free games–even if I already own those games, it doesn’t hurt to have a digital copy… especially if it’s free.

Defense Grid is the first free Game with Gold and will remain free through July 15.

Source:  VG247


Spring Sale Coming to Xbox Live

Xbox Live is hoping to start spring strong with a large sale of downloadable games and expansions.  The sale has the first episode of the excellent The Walking Dead game available for free with each subsequent episode available for half off (800 MSP or $10 for the entire season); the Skyrim, L.A. Noire, and Max Payne 3 expansions are marked down 50%; and select games including two Hitman titles, Just Cause 2, and Dead Rising 2 are discounted from 33 to 67% off.  The entire list can be viewed at Major Nelson’s blog.

Current & Upcoming Sales on XBLM

From now until February 4th, Xbox gamers will be able to pick from a large selection of EA games and add-ons from XBLM.  The games included are Shank 1 & 2, Death Spank and Thongs of Virtue, Dragon Age: Origins and its sequel, and several other games.  The DLC available for discounted prices include several add-ons for DA:O, DA 2, Mass Effect 3, Battlefield 3, and more.  Details on the sale can be found on Xbox Live Marketplace.

Coming up this next week for Xbox Live Gold members will be discounts on XBLA games Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, Hydrophobia, Orcs Must Die, and more from 50 – 67% off.  Hydrophobia will be going for $2 (160 MSP), Orcs Must Die and the Alan Wake spin-off episode will be reduced to 600 MSP ($7.50), and the remaining titles will be available for 400 MSP ($5).  The sale begins February 5th and runs through the 11th.

Source:  Major Nelson