Star Wars Rebels coming to Disney XD Fall 2014


Eager Star Wars fans looking for the next big thing from the property won’t have to wait until the 2015 release of Star Wars Episode VII as a new animated series will be coming to Disney XD in fall of 2014.  Set in the time between Episodes III and IV, Rebels will chronicle the “a time where the Empire is securing its grip on the galaxy and hunting down the last of the Jedi Knight.”  Given this description, it’s safe to assume the series also follows the events of The Force Unleashed.  While the game may have received middling reviews, it’s hard to dispute the fact that it told an incredible story surrounding the formation of the Rebel Alliance.

Little else is known about the series, but it has been confirmed that several key people from the previous animated Star Wars series (The Clone Wars) will be working on Rebels.  These include Dave Filoni, Kilian Plunkett, and Joel Aron.

Rebels will debut on Disney XD with a 1-hour premiere in the fall of 2014.


Source:  IGN


Two Star Wars Spinoff Films Planned

star-wars-logoWith Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm, a new trilogy of Star Wars films was pretty quickly announced with Episode VII scheduled for a 2015 release with J.J. Abrams directing.  Though that is not all fans of the franchise can expect in the coming years with two spinoff films officially announced.  These films will not be “Episodes” and each film will focus on a separate character and the films will be able to stand on their own.  The intention of these films is to expand the universe beyond the current six films for movie goers.

Lawrence Kasdan (writer of The Empire Strikes Back and Raiders of the Lost Ark) will write one of the films with Sherlock Holmes screenwriter Simon Kinberg writing the other.  These films will be released some time after Episode VII.