Microsoft acquires Nokia’s Devices & Services business

Microsoft made a bold business move with acquiring their mobile phone partner Nokia. The deal is worth 7.2 billion dollars and includes Nokia’s mobile phone division and a 10 year contract for Nokia’s patents. Said contract can be extended indefinitely.


With Nokia being the biggest and inarguably best provider of Windows Phone devices, the move makes sense for Microsoft. The software giant is currently making a push to encompass a more rounded structure that includes devices and having a division for mobile phone development, especially one as highly regarded as the Nokia brand, under their banner will be a huge win for Microsoft.


There will undoubtedly be some changes under the new ownership, but I have faith that Microsoft will help expand the brand and Windows Phone’s market share. As a Nokia phone owner and a Windows Phone user, I’m happy to have some confirmation that I’ll be able to upgrade to a new Nokia phone running my preferred OS when upgrade time rolls around.


How do you feel about the Microsoft acquisition?