Remedy’s Quantum Break will blend gaming and television [Update]


Microsoft has been pushing original content for its Xbox television service, having announced Halo: The Television Series for Xbox One, and it is continuing this trend with the reveal of the Quantum Break television series to accompany the release of the game.  I don’t know how I missed this original announcement, but Remedy and Microsoft intend to “blur the line between gaming and TV by integrating drama and gameplay into one seamless, uniquely immersive experience.”  The game and show are said to influence each other which suggests a persistent world for Quantum Break.

Currently, SyFy’s Defiance is attempting to do what Quantum Break is promising with a television show set in the same world of the recently released MMO.  E3 will hopefully shed more light on Microsoft and Remedy’s plans for the future and give us a better look of what to expect when Quantum Break, both the game and the show, release on Xbox One.

Update:  From Quantum Break‘s official Facebook page:   “The actions you take, and the choices you make, shape your experience as the narrative unfolds. As you play, a personalized ‘director’s cut’ of the show is created just for you, based on the decisions you make during the game.”  This suggests that players will be presented with episodes of the television show altered to show how their choices have affected the world.  So, my Quantum Break television experience might differ greatly from yours depending on how you play the game.  This is pretty incredible and ambitious and I’m looking forward to seeing more from this property.


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