Respawn’s Titanfall (officially) revealed

Microsoft closed their conference with the announcement that the Xbox One will be available this November with a $500 price tag and Titanfall’s official reveal.  A trailer prefaced Respawn Entertainment’s stage debut and a gameplay demo.  Titanfall will be an Xbox console exclusive and is set to be released spring 2014.  I’ll post videos when they become available.

Respawn’s “Titanfall” outed

TitanfallJust days before E3, the first title from Respawn Entertainment has been outed by the leaked GameInformer cover.  Titled Titanfall, the game is supposedly coming only to Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.  There were rumors floating around that the game would be an Xbox console exclusive, and those appear to be true.  The game will be multiplayer-focused with the Xbox One version heavily utilizing the power of the cloud (one of the things Microsoft was touting for its next-gen console); the Xbox 360 version is being outsourced to a different studio.  I’m sure we’ll learn more about this game in just a few days when E3 is upon us.


Source:  IGN