Neill Blomkamp may direct the Halo pilot


Neill Blomkamp has a history with Halo:  he was attached as the director of the Peter Jackson produced Halo film that fell apart some years back and he directed the live action Halo 3 promotional film.  He knows the universe and his style is a perfect fit for the Haloverse.  That said, it’s very exciting that Blomkamp may be directing the première episode of the Halo television series that was announced for Xbox One.  While this has yet to be officially confirmed, the thought of a Blomkamp directed episode of the Halo TV series is exciting.


Transformers 4 sees a new Bumblebee

Beloved Autobot Bumblebee has a new look for the upcoming Transformers sequel.  Still a Camaro, but not a new one anymore, this updated Bumblebee is a modified ’67 Camaro.  Not quite a VW Beetle, but it’s a sexy car, so I can be okay with that.

Live-Action HALO Television Series Announced

Microsoft has officially announced an original Halo television series for their Xbox One entertainment system.  The program will be headed by award-winning director Stephen Spielberg.