Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon “sequel in mind.”

Blood Dragon Logo

With sales of the downloadable title exceeding expectations by five times, it’s understandable that Ubisoft would consider making this one-off a franchise.  Michael Biehn, the voice of Blood Dragon‘s protagonist, stated in an interview with Microsoft’s Major Nelson that Dean Evans, the creative director for the testosterone-filled retro throwback, has a sequel in mind for Blood Dragon.  It’s likely, given the success of the downloadable game, that we will be seeing more of Rex Power Colt in the future.  The beautiful, neon laser filled, post-apocalyptic future.


Source:  Joystiq


It is the Future in this Live-Action Blood Dragon Trailer

Upcoming downloadable game Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon has a live-action trailer that just oozes 1980s cheesiness.  It’s inarguably the best thing you’ll see today.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Releasing in May

As speculated before, the upcoming standalone expansion to Far Cry 3 will be releasing this May.  A new trailer featuring some excellent Saturday morning styled cutscenes, VHS tracking lines, and gameplay footage has been posted.  I’m getting more and more excited for this game with every little tease being released.  Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon features the voice of Michael Biehn as protagonist Sergeant Rex Power Colt in an future from the past.  The year is 2007 and the nostalgia is cranked to high with references to several classics from the 80s (most notably probably being The Terminator).  The new trailer is below: