Crytek USA and Homefront 2

With THQ recently selling its assets and closing its doors, some intellectual properties and studios were left in the cold in the sale.  One of the studios that was left untouched in the sale was Vigil Games–the developer of the fantastic Darksiders games.  While I’m surprised that this studio wasn’t purchased by a an interested buyer, there’s some good news in the whole ordeal:  Crytek, the developer behind the Crysis franchise, has opened a new studio in Austin, Texas.

Crytek’s new studio, Crytek USA Corp., is composed of 35 former Vigil employees and will be headed by David Adams, the former general manager for Vigil Games.  It’s nice to know that the talented folks who gave us Darksiders and its sequel have found new employment so quickly.  I’m eagerly looking forward to what projects spring forth from Crytek USA and wish them all the best.

Crytek was the purchaser of the Homefront IP in THQ’s asset sale–the property was purchased for $544,218.  Crytek had been developing the Homefront 2 for THQ and feared that their work on the game might be lost with THQ’s closure.  Crytek’s general manager, Nick Button-Brown, stated that it’s “beneficial for us [Crytek] to have control over the IP’s destiny.”  No information was given on the potential release date of Homefront 2.

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