Crytek’s “Ryse” resurfaces


Crytek’s Ryse was first announced as Codename: Kingdoms in 2010 at Microsoft’s E3 press conference as a third-person action game.  It was drastically changed when it was shown again just one year later as a first-person Kinect game featuring you as “the weapon.”  My thoughts on this change weren’t exactly positive, and I’m sure Microsoft heard a lot of negative feedback regarding this new Kinect-based “core” game.

Ryse has, yet again, re-evolved with the confirmation that it is heading to Xbox One as a controller-based, Kinect enhanced game.  Microsoft promised at yesterday’s Xbox One unveiling that 15 exclusive games were headed to their next-gen console in its first year and it appears that Ryse will be one of those games, accompanying Remedy Entertainment’s Quantum Break.  Crytek has updated their Ryse page with a countdown teasing more information in 18 days–which marks the beginning of this year’s E3.


Source:  IGN, Crytek


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