Xbox One’s HDD not removable


One of the handy features of the Xbox 360 when it was first released was the easily removable hard drive.  While the proprietary unit may have been over priced for what it was, the convenience of it was certainly nice for bringing your saves and downloaded content on the road with you (or migrating it to a replacement system when necessary).

This, however, will not be the case with Microsoft’s next console, the Xbox One.  Microsoft has confirmed that the system will contain a 500GB HDD, but it will not be “user serviceable.”  While this is disappointing in that it will prevent users from expanding their internal system storage, Microsoft has promised that users will be able to store saves, games, and content on external USB 3.0 devices.  There’s no word yet as to whether there is a storage size cap for these external units as with Xbox 360 USB devices (which are currently capped at 32 gigs).


Source:  EGMNOW


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