So… Dryft looks cool


When I first entered the world of smart phones, I opted for one with a physical keyboard.  The Moto Q may not have been the best phone ever, but it served me well many and many a year ago and I was happy with my choice.  When it came time to upgrade, I went with something with a little more screen space – which meant sacrificing my physical keyboard for a full touch phone.  I decided on the Samsung Omnia II.  The only thing that really disappointed me with my decision was the resistive touch screen, but it was a worthwhile sacrifice because my phone supported Swype.

I can be a heavy texter at times and I write a lot.  So, it was important for me to be able to maximize my typing capabilities on my phone.  Giving up my physical keyboard, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t spending 30 minutes to write a 3 paragraph Word document.  Swype addressed my concerns by allowing me to type around 50 words per minute.  Not quite what I’m capable of on a PC’s keyboard, but substantially more than I can with a standard touch keyboard or even a phone’s physical keyboard.

That said, typing on tablets is still a bit of an issue.  Using default on-screen keyboards, you’re limited to skilled hunt-n-peck typing techniques which really limit your potential.  Sure, Swype is an option on tablets, but it’s not perfect.  Enter Dryft – the solution to all your tablet typing problems.

Dryft is a non-static keyboard for tablets that orients itself based on your hand placement on the screen.  Yep, Dryft allows you to rest your hands on your tablet screen without causing any inputs.  Instead, it utilizes the device’s accelerometer to recognize when you’re actually inputting something.  Resting your hands will cause the keys to form around your hand placement, but it will only recognize keystrokes when you actually tap on the screen.  It’s really cool and promises up to 80 words a minute typing.  This is a great idea and will no doubt do wonders for portable productivity.  Check it out in the video below.


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