Xbox One has its own SmartGlass app

Gamers looking to get Microsoft’s new game console should note that it will feature its own, updated SmartGlass app. The current app available for using the feature on 360 is not compatible with the Xbox One. The updated app is definitely worth a download for gamers looking to expand their Xbox gaming experience. Dead Rising 3, an Xbox One exclusive launch title, will feature exclusive missions using the SmartGlass feature. The app is available for free download on Windows Phone, Android, and iOS.


So… Dryft looks cool


When I first entered the world of smart phones, I opted for one with a physical keyboard.  The Moto Q may not have been the best phone ever, but it served me well many and many a year ago and I was happy with my choice.  When it came time to upgrade, I went with something with a little more screen space – which meant sacrificing my physical keyboard for a full touch phone.  I decided on the Samsung Omnia II.  The only thing that really disappointed me with my decision was the resistive touch screen, but it was a worthwhile sacrifice because my phone supported Swype.

I can be a heavy texter at times and I write a lot.  So, it was important for me to be able to maximize my typing capabilities on my phone.  Giving up my physical keyboard, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t spending 30 minutes to write a 3 paragraph Word document.  Swype addressed my concerns by allowing me to type around 50 words per minute.  Not quite what I’m capable of on a PC’s keyboard, but substantially more than I can with a standard touch keyboard or even a phone’s physical keyboard.

That said, typing on tablets is still a bit of an issue.  Using default on-screen keyboards, you’re limited to skilled hunt-n-peck typing techniques which really limit your potential.  Sure, Swype is an option on tablets, but it’s not perfect.  Enter Dryft – the solution to all your tablet typing problems.

Dryft is a non-static keyboard for tablets that orients itself based on your hand placement on the screen.  Yep, Dryft allows you to rest your hands on your tablet screen without causing any inputs.  Instead, it utilizes the device’s accelerometer to recognize when you’re actually inputting something.  Resting your hands will cause the keys to form around your hand placement, but it will only recognize keystrokes when you actually tap on the screen.  It’s really cool and promises up to 80 words a minute typing.  This is a great idea and will no doubt do wonders for portable productivity.  Check it out in the video below.

Xbox Music now on Android and iOS

Microsoft’s rebranding of Zune services, Xbox Music, has now found its way to competing mobile devices. The service allows music streaming similar to online radio providers, but a subscription to the service enables unlimited music downloads as well as access to full albums. The service is live on iOS and Android now through the App Store and Google Play respectively. A subscription to Xbox Music is $9.99/month or $99.99/year.

Age of Empires going mobile


Microsoft is licensing its Age of Empires IP to KLab Inc. for development of a mobile entry in the franchise for mobile platforms.  From the sounds of things, the game will be coming to iOS and Android first with a Windows Phone version coming at a later time.  The game is being developed in English first with a global release planned and other languages as well as the Windows Phone version planned for a future release.

There was speculation of other Microsoft franchises planned to be released on mobile platforms, but Microsoft refuted those rumors with the vague “there are no further announcements beyond Age of Empires at this time.”


Source:  Polygon

The Walking Dead: 400 Days trailer

Upcoming standalone episode in Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season 1 now has a trailer.  It shows off the five characters that will be the focus of 400 Days with the promise that this expansion is “coming soon.”

The Walking Dead: 400 Days coming this summer

400days_keyart_with_infoThe next episode in Telltale’s award winning The Walking Dead game is subtitled 400 Days and will be heading to pretty much everything this summer.  Choices players made in previous episodes will carry over into the new game which will feature five new characters in their very own stories.  Telltale suggested that some of the characters the player meets in 400 Days might show up in Season Two with all the choices they make in the new episode also impacting that storyline.


Source:  Joystiq

Star Command Launch Trailer Encourages Players to “Blow S[**]t the @!#$ Up”

Upcoming iOS space sim Star Command has a launch trailer and a release date:  Thursday–for iDevices only.  Android and PC releases are still in the works with the Android release planned first and PC to come later.

Double Fine’s Broken Age Gets Its First Teaser

The Kickstarter-funded Double Fine adventure game finally has a teaser!  Broken Age, the result of over 90,000 contributor’s excited for a true adventure game and the brilliant minds at Double Fine, follows the story of two characters:  one a girl who is to be sacrificed to a beast and the other a boy alone in a spacecraft.  The game is expected to be released this spring.  The trailer below shows of the game’s imaginative environments and gorgeous art style.  Have a look: