The Walking Dead companion series planned for a 2015 debut


The Walking Dead is huge.  The TV show is one of the highest rated and most watched series on television and last year’s videogame adaptation by Telltale won several game of the year awards (not the Activision published Survival Instinct that was universally panned).  The comic that spawned all these new properties is still running strong ten years later.  So, with the popularity of the franchise, it’s no surprise that AMC is developing a spin-off of The Walking Dead.

The show is expected to premiere in 2015 and will feature new characters and stories.  Series creator Robert Kirkman will serve as the companion series’ executive producer alongside Gale Ann Hurd and David Alpert.  Kirkman has expressed his excitement for being able to explore new stories in the universe in this new medium.  Whatever is in store with this new series, I’m sure it will deliver.


2 thoughts on “The Walking Dead companion series planned for a 2015 debut

  1. Will there be a chance that the spin-off series in 2015, can lead from that year with a new cast of characters throughout season 7-12 in 2016-2022, to the current cast to have a complete combination of twists in the plot. If that spin-off has a new set of characters, then I think that it would take place a year or so back before Season 1 as a Pre-Apocalypse or a Season 6 that should effect the current cast that has been renewed or a fifth season, but should lead to a season 7 to 12. This makes things even worse. Rick, either in season 4(This Year),season 5 (Next Year), Season 6(Spin-Off), or season 7(2016) will go back to the hospital to find out about the “Dead End, No Way Out” Door ,(right after he wakes up from a coma), thinks about why he should have done in season 1 so that the zombies don’t get overpopulated to bigger effects in the world. This means that hordes of zombies in Atlanta behind that “No Way Out Door” will open that door and have thousands,hundreds of thousands, or many more thousands come crossing the streets and city in Downtown Atlanta,Georgia. Oh, and one thing!!!! A new antidote or drug will make zombies stronger,somewhat smarter instead of dumb, faster and more powerful any many ways. They can be 2x as fast as they were in “The Walking Dead” or 10x as they were in World War z. I would say 2x-5x because it takes a minimum of one or more antidote or drug to make them stronger. Like for example, if a zombie walked by a baby powder like package “like in real life”(refering to package), without noticing, it can get stepped on by the zombie’s foot or some reactants of it in the air. Then, it would spread in the air just like the “The Rat-like” Flu Virus that effected to some survivors in the prison, can make them stronger by adding one level up every time to their own level to each antidote or zombie drug that they step on or have a effectance of a little open air hole on the package, which means that a little bit of the powder drug or substance can spread in the air and effect the zombie or the human. And yes, it will effect a human being to turn into a zombie like Daryl or Michonne(Two most shocking deaths that could happen to anyine).Also, I think that every zombie that has its own nickname from season 1-4 like street walker, out-of-nowhere walker, crawling walker, in side the bush walker, flagpole walker, hunged on tree walker, prison cell block walker, buried walker, and ditched walker, and so on have many nicknames from The Talking Dead Aftermath Show. You Know. I mean, I think that some walkers need to be dumb like they were not effected to the drug and some that were just or were effected. We need to have some slow and fast walkers from the TV Series. We need different characteristics, traits, instincts, and levels for that type of zombie from the TV Series. The only thing I think is different between them are how they look like,like the only-has-a-head walker, the lost stomach or some body parts that are different to other look alikes. These are the same, but the new effect after the “Rat Problem” from Season 4 episode 1-8 (9-16 is coming soon),and the very bad smell of the remains of dead bodies can effect the whole world by faster zombies, but not like World War Z.

  2. Hello everybody, my name is Blaze Golas,14 year old, from New Albany,Indiana, and I am here to talk about The Walking Dead. AMC anyway announced a while ago that The Walking Dead will still be around in 2022 if popularity still stays the same or increases.I hope that Robert Kirkman makes the second video game of The Walking Dead Survival Instinct soon because it will be the first season of it all, which means the current TV Series cast, The Telltale Game Video Game series”The Walking Dead”(which just renewed season 2 episode 1, December 2013), The Walking Dead Survival Instinct characters,comic book series, and random new named characters will all be combined to be in one 12 or 25 season game. I heard from Robert Kirkman in an interview on YouTube a year or two ago with Chandler Riggs( Carl), that the TV Series will be there for 25 seasons with 10 season comic book timeline while laughing, making everyone laugh with him. It was a joke. The game should have the same plot from TV Series season 1-4 meaning that you can make your decisions with characters, survival ,and so on. Some decisions can be made by the way you make them like the show, which means that it can be the same as the show or different. You will have at least 12 to 25 seasons.8 same named episodes from TV series season 1, 13 from season 2, 16 from season 3 and 4, Then, you can possibly put 16 for season 5, 18 for season 6,20 for season 7, 20 for season 8, 24 for season 9, 24 for season 10, 24 for season 11, 24 for season 12 plus an epilogue for either the game ending as a epilogue or as the first half of game. Which means, season 13 will have 20 episodes for the Pre-Apocalypse, making everyone that appeared on the show 12 seasons before and possibly after. This would be a very hard job to do, but probably a great wrap-up for a twenty five anniversary with a lot of hard work and effort into though. You can play as Rick only or switch with other characters from the good side, bad side, or unknown side(which means good or bad). Merle and Daryl were in their way of surviving the outbreak that just began as making their way to Atlanta. Comparing this to TV Series, makes me think that this took place a few months or a year before the time when Merle was captured alone on the roof top then escaping later during season 1 in the show. Also, season 13 can be where and how the zombie apocalypse all began by characters like Glenn, Hershel’s Family (Beth and Maggie) meeting at end of the season meaning that two years later, they are shown in season 2(TV Series The Walking Dead) as Rick’s group approaches the farm for first time.Glenn would be found in season 1 in an overrun campground along with Lori and Carl, who were sought by Rick. He was seen in this scene right after being alone in the hospital by himself. Like that ”No Way Out” Door could be seen at the beginning of episode 15 or ending and beginning of finale episode 16 when zombies takeover Atlanta or other places in Georgia that effect these people to go to Atlanta or Woodbury. Turning season 14 to 25, back to where they were. That Season 13, can have people that appeared on the TV series by scenes where the Governor looks at the picture of his wife and daughter,also other people who looked at pics of their family members that might have died. Like in the comic series, Abraham tells his son(Unknown name) that he will get some supplies,outside around the grocery store. Well, guess what happens. When his son hides out with his family and other survivors around the grocery store during the early stages of the outbreak, the other survivors brutally raped his mother(Beth) and sister and held him down to watch. When Abraham came back and avenged and killed the perpetrators in rage, his family became frightened of Abraham and eventually ran away. He and his sister along with their mother was ate up by zombies, with the exception of his sister, who approached Abraham as a zombie. It is mentioned by Abraham that he was 8 years old.At one point, he and his mother were eaten by zombies while his sister was bitten and reanimated. His sister was later, as a zombie, killed by her father Abraham Ford. Later on, somehow Abraham was killed,dead, or deceased. I think this game would be great. You would decide on what weapons you can give to the survivors either effecting or helping the condition that they are risking for in their life or without weapons. Like objectives like stay in the car, find fuel, find ammo, find weapons, find energy drinks to keep you alive find medicine, find clues about where you will go to find the survivors,finding survivors, find personal little need items in case, find, find water, find vehicle,find objects like glass bottles to distract and throw at zombies, find bad people, and other things just like working alone or working together. In The Walking Dead Survival Instinct game when trying to find Brother Merle as Daryl, you find survivors, but also fight zombies by yourself into Atlanta for Merle, Getting supplies,medicine,ammo,fuel, glass bottles, and energy drinks to stay alive for your health.Some people in the game will combine together as a group like Rick’s group and The Walking Dead game characters. Pretty cool,huh. Although, the game takes forever, by however you make decisions by being one character or many characters by switching. The game would be called The Walking Dead: Survival Run , which means running for your life. You can have 8 options to choose from by what you say and do. Anyway, in the “Walking Dead Telltale Game Series”, there is 2-4 options tom choose from like saying nothing, 2 good things,and 1 bad thing or all three good things. But, it takes more lines to decide by being either the worst or the best leader or between in order. It is like Rick’s own point-of-view. I hope this game is released , pretty sure it won’t, but I hope my summary can get a lot of popularity spreading rumors in good ways like maybe telling friends about this or saying this stuff online to possible or hard-searching AMC or Walking Dead related websites. I hope someone can at least tell them this website and can tell them that I want to be an actor. Probably a good guy and bad guy,but from unknown to good to bad to good. Then, maybe one day, hopefully, having a crush from Emily Kinney(Beth) on the show. Telling her that, “I will do everything to keep you alive,” and saying that, “it does not matter that if you are one of the weakest or weakest, it just matters that you have someone to protect you forever until never,” which means that I will keep her alive until the zombie apocalypse is gone or if one or both of us is gone. Carl had a little crush with Beth, but Beth probably would tell him that he is a little bit younger than her. If I took a role in the show, I would probably have a crush from Beth after she did not care about her other boyfriends because they probably would have died anyways.If I am 5’7 or 5’8 could I like a 16 year old probably not, but maybe a great try in the acting industry. However, Carl would get jealous and tell his dad. His dad, Rick, would tell him that he is not old enough as her and Rick would thank Carl because Rick was about to tell Jaden that he should not be hanging out with other girls. In the show, Carl would be about 13 or 14. Beth would be about 16,17,or 18 and I would be a year or two year, but 15,16. Maybe 17. Although, I will go to the prison, not knowing anyone. Being a survivor and then turning into Morgan’s side, or The Hunters, or The Washington DC Scavengers, or The Saviors (ALL FROM COMIC SERIES),or in a different group. Then, killing someone on accident because I was told by Morgan or someone else to do this or I would die so I had to do this. Then, going back to the good side for the rest of my life. I hope the Tv series will be there for eight more years and I hope that I can be in the current cast, but probably too late by now. I would like to be there for 3-6 years on the show. Then, Possibly a die, but did not. Which means that I can be back like “The Governor” for another year or two and then die, but that is all. Although, THANK YOU FOR READING THIS LONG SUMMARY.I AM SORRY FOR HOW LONG I DID THIS, I JUST WANTED TO PUT A GOOD SUMMARY FOR ANYONE OUT THERE. COMMENT AND REPLY BELOW. ALTHOUGH,I DO NOT READ THAT MANY COMICS. ONLY ISSUE #116-118 (ALL OUT WAR 12 parts.) SEE YOU LATER.

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