Rumor: Next Xbox to be called “Xbox Infinity”

In just one week, all of the rumors and speculation regarding Microsoft’s next videogame console will be confirmed or denied.  The latest rumor floating around is regarding the name of the console itself.  Casually referred to as the “Xbox 720” and codenamed “Durango,” it’s now believe that the system will be called “Xbox Infinity.”  There was some speculation after Microsoft registered the domain for Xbox Fusion, but an “inside source” has told IB Times that Microsoft has settled on the name Infinity.

Microsoft is set to reveal its next console on May 21.  What the system will be called, its capabilities, and, most importantly, the games will be showcased on that date.  E3 follows shortly thereafter, so expect some exciting news in the gaming world in the next few weeks.


Source:  GamesRadar


Next Xbox Reveal Coming May 21

Microsoft has confirmed that it will be unveiling its next-generation videogame console in nearly a month.  With the date set for May 21, we still have quite the wait to find out what they have in store for the future of Xbox, but it’s nice that they’ve finally said something about the inevitable Xbox 360 successor.

The reveal is set to take place just 19 days before E3, so hopefully their E3 conference will focus more on the games and less on the system’s new features (it’d also be refreshing to have a conference that doesn’t flaunt Kinect and all the terrible games that have been made for it).

According to Major Nelson’s blog, the conference will focus on the future of Xbox and give us a “real taste of the future.”  The conference will stream on Xbox Live,, and be broadcast on Spike.

Sources:  Facebook, Major Nelson