Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III

At Sony’s E3 conference tonight, Square Enix announced Final Fantasy XV, which looks to be a rebranded and retooled Final Fantasy Versus XIII for the PS4.  Additionally, a trailer was shown for the much wanted Kingdom Hearts III.  The franchise which was birthed on PS2 skipped this last gaming generation save for a few spin-offs on handheld systems, so fans will be pleased to see that revived, I’m sure.  Both games are coming to the PS4 with Sony avoiding using the word “exclusive” which is a good indicator that the games will be multi-platform.

In other Square news, Final Fantasy XIV will be heading exclusively to Sony’s consoles.  The game has long been promised to be coming to the PlayStation and that seems to be coming closer to realization.

New Legacy of Kain?


Earlier this year, Square Enix registered the “” domain which created some speculation if the publisher was planning on bringing back the Legacy of Kain franchise which is set in Nosgoth.  Apparently this speculation has been gaining more steam as an entry titled Nosgoth has been found in the Steam database.  Additionally, references to Nosgoth have been found in patch notes for an AMD driver update.  With E3 right around the corner, it’s highly likely we’ll find out more about this rumor soon.


Sources:  Joystiq, Polygon