Chester McChexington and the Flemoids of Ooze

Miss our scheduled broadcast of Andrew trying (and failing pretty horribly) to beat Chex Quest on the hardest difficulty?  No worries!  You can catch the replay below.

Podcast 2 – June 1 2016

The latest PowerUP Online Podcast is now up!  We apologize for the audio issues this week – we had an issue during the recording process we didn’t realize until after the recording was completed.  We have taken measures to ensure better audio quality in the future.

Microsoft now wholly owns Gears of War

Crimson Omen

Gears of War is a big franchise – one that’s managed to stay exclusive to Microsoft’s Xbox platforms for 8 years due to a close partnership with Epic Games.  Each game in the franchise was published by Microsoft, but the intellectual property still remained in the possession of Epic – meaning that Epic, after fulfilling their agreement with Microsoft, could have potentially brought the franchise to Sony’s platforms.  This has now changed as Microsoft is now the IP owner of the Gears of War franchise – a win for Microsoft who, since the release of the Kinect, has been struggling to boost their library of exclusive titles.

As an avid gamer, I would like to see Microsoft pursue more new franchises, but a Gears game on my Xbox one is mighty tempting.  On the other side, while I have yet to play Judgment, I felt that the third game was a solid conclusion to the franchise.  As much as I love playing Gears of War, I do feel like sometimes it’s okay to let a franchise end – especially when the end pretty well concludes the story.


The Wolf Among Us trailer

Telltale’s upcoming adventure series The Wolf Among Us, based on DC Comic’s Fables series, has its debut trailer.  The developer is most recently known for its fantastic interpretation of The Walking Dead and before that reviving the Sam & Max and Monkey Island properties.  The Wolf Among Us will be available on PC, Mac, Xbox 360, and PS3 in quarter three of this year.

Killer Instinct available at Xbox One launch


Killer Instinct will be released as a launch title for Microsoft’s Xbox One.  The game is being developed by Double Helix and Rare.  The developers in question are the subject of much speculation as to whether they can really pull off a new title in the KI franchise.  Rare, despite being the original creator of the franchise, has done little more than produce Kinect-centric games and Avatar stuff over the past few years and much of the talent behind some of their greatest classics have long since left the studio.  I don’t really think the studio is as bad off as a lot of people suggest since Microsoft’s acquisition (I think the Viva Pinata games are quite fantastic, honestly, and Nuts and Bolts wasn’t a traditional platformer, but it was fun and unique), but it is disappointing to see what the studio has become.

Killer Instinct will have a “demo version” available at launch for players looking to try out the game.  The demo will include one playable character and will allow the individual purchase of fighters or users can purchase the entire game with the complete fighting roster.  The game feature’s Xbox One’s dynamic match making and is constantly looking for a new match, even when you’re fighting one.  This will allow gamers to enjoy more time fighting and less time in the lobby–a welcome update to a fighting game’s short matches.


Source:  Joystiq

PS4 design unveiled

A first for Sony, the PS4’s design managed to stay under wraps until today’s E3 reveal.  Honestly, it’s kinda ugly.  I think both systems this coming gaming generation are pretty unspectacular in their physical appearance, but, hey, it’s the games that matter, right?  It kinda looks like a smaller, slantier Xbox One with a cutout in the center.  Image below:


LocoCycle heading to Xbox One


Announced at last year’s E3 as an XBLA title, Twisted Pixel has now revealed that their upcoming LocoCycle is coming to Xbox One as a launch title on the system’s new game marketplace.  They’ve stated that the game is still (for now) in development for Xbox 360, though the release date has been pushed to a “further date.”  I’m almost certain we’ll hear more about this at this year’s E3.


Source:  Destructoid

Conker project lead working on WiiU game

ConkerResizeChirs Seavor is apparently working on a game for Nintendo’s WiiU.  With all the buzz surrounding Microsoft and Sony’s next gen consoles circulating the web, it’s nice to see that Nintendo’s console hasn’t been forgotten.  Seavor served as Rare’s project lead on Conker’s Bad Fur Day and has since gone on to start his own indie studio dubbed Gory Details.  Seavor teased on his Twitter that Gory Details will be needing some WiiU dev kits and promised some gameplay footage in the coming weeks.


Source:  GameSpot

New Legacy of Kain?


Earlier this year, Square Enix registered the “” domain which created some speculation if the publisher was planning on bringing back the Legacy of Kain franchise which is set in Nosgoth.  Apparently this speculation has been gaining more steam as an entry titled Nosgoth has been found in the Steam database.  Additionally, references to Nosgoth have been found in patch notes for an AMD driver update.  With E3 right around the corner, it’s highly likely we’ll find out more about this rumor soon.


Sources:  Joystiq, Polygon