The Novelist coming summer 2013

A newly released trailer for the upcoming indie game The Novelist teases what could be an extraordinary adventure game.  Placing players in the ethereal boots of a ghost haunting a house inhabited by a writer and his family, they are encouraged to explore and influence the lives of these characters while staying out of site.  As a fan of the genre and as a writer, I can’t help but be intrigued by this title.  The Novelist promises a game about “life, family, and the choices we make.”

Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us Revealed

While it has been known for quite some time that Telltale Games has been working on a game based on the Fables property, little else has been revealed about the upcoming episodic adventure.  It is now known that the game will be titled The Wolf Among Us and will feature Bigby Wolf as the lead character.  Players will be tasked with keeping other fairytale characters hidden in our world.  The story of the game will take place before the comic series.

Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us is planned for a summer 2013 release on current-gen consoles, PC, and Mac.

Source: IGN

Double Fine’s Broken Age Gets Its First Teaser

The Kickstarter-funded Double Fine adventure game finally has a teaser!  Broken Age, the result of over 90,000 contributor’s excited for a true adventure game and the brilliant minds at Double Fine, follows the story of two characters:  one a girl who is to be sacrificed to a beast and the other a boy alone in a spacecraft.  The game is expected to be released this spring.  The trailer below shows of the game’s imaginative environments and gorgeous art style.  Have a look: