Master Chief returns on Xbox One (Update: Trailer)

Microsoft’s next Halo game is heading to Xbox One.  The reveal began with a cloaked figure wandering a desolate wasteland.  This figure was later revealed to be the one and only Spartan 117:  Master Chief.  A cryptic reveal with some non-information shared after the teaser.  The game will be an FPS, feature the Chief, and run at 60 frames per second.


Techland’s “Hellraid” has a teaser trailer

The upcoming first-person action game Hellraid from Dead Island developer Techland has a teaser trailer.  It kinda looks like the offspring of the aforementioned Dead Island and Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls games.  If they can iron out the bugs that plagued Dead Island, this might end up being a wonderfully addicting gaming experience.

Zenimax Files “Prey” Trademark Extension

While the filing of an extension to the trademark may not be indicative of any plans to revive the troubled sequel to 2006’s Prey, it does give those of us looking forward to Human Head’s sci-fi shooter hope.

Announced in 2011, Prey 2 promised to put players in the boots of a US Marshal turned bounty hunter with the freedom of an open alien world environment.  Since the announcement, there hasn’t been much news regarding the production and many have speculated that the game was canceled; Bethesda has denied these rumors and claims that Prey 2 is still in development at Human Head Studios.  The game was confirmed to be delayed, however, as its development wasn’t progressing satisfactorily.

The status of the game is still currently unknown, but perhaps more will be revealed with the filing of the trademark extension and E3 right around the corner.


Source:  Gamespot