Podcast 4 – June 15 2016

Prey reboot announced

At their E3 2016 press conference, Bethesda surprised fans by bringing Arkane Studios on stage to announce a brand new project:  Prey.  Fans were disappointed when the previously announced Prey 2 was canned after the surprisingly attractive game made a huge splash at E3 2011.  The new game appears to be a complete reboot of the franchise with little or no connection to the original.  Little else beyond the cinematic trailer has been revealed about the game at this time, though it is scheduled for release sometime in 2017 and will be available on PC and current-gen consoles.


Feast your eyes on the new The Evil Within trailer

Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami is bringing a new vision of survival horror to consoles and Windows PC next year.  From the trailer below, it looks like it’s shaping up nicely.  In a disgusting and terrifying sort of niceness.

“Wolfenstein: The New Order” officially announced

Bethesda has announced a new installment in the Wolfenstein franchise.  The brand has been dormant since under-performing Wolfenstein released in 2009.  This new iteration in the franchise will be a reimagining while staying true to its action-adventure shooter roots and is being developed by MachineGames.  MachineGames is composed of industry veterans who worked on The Darkness.

The New Order is being developed for PS3, Xbox 360, PC, and next-generation consoles for release in the fourth quarter of this year.  The game will utilize id Tech 5 (first introduced with id’s Rage).

Zenimax Files “Prey” Trademark Extension

While the filing of an extension to the trademark may not be indicative of any plans to revive the troubled sequel to 2006’s Prey, it does give those of us looking forward to Human Head’s sci-fi shooter hope.

Announced in 2011, Prey 2 promised to put players in the boots of a US Marshal turned bounty hunter with the freedom of an open alien world environment.  Since the announcement, there hasn’t been much news regarding the production and many have speculated that the game was canceled; Bethesda has denied these rumors and claims that Prey 2 is still in development at Human Head Studios.  The game was confirmed to be delayed, however, as its development wasn’t progressing satisfactorily.

The status of the game is still currently unknown, but perhaps more will be revealed with the filing of the trademark extension and E3 right around the corner.


Source:  Gamespot